Breakfast Tacos

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One of my favorite blogs is $5 Dinners, Erin has such great ideas, and even though my family is larger than hers, I can still keep my meals under $5 by using her recipes.  One of the most frugal dinners you can serve is breakfast. I love having breakfast for dinner, but was getting tired of the same old, pancakes, eggs etc. Then I came across, Breakfast Tacos. These were quick, easy and the whole family loved them, which is a feat in itself.

I started with 4 medium sized potatoes and cut them in pretty small chunks so they would cook faster. I sprinkled the potatoes with salt, pepper and Greek Seasoning.


Then I added 10 eggs, I (well actually I had my husband) scrambled them and add some salt, pepper and Greek Seasoning to them, then into the pan on top of the potatoes.


I served them on a soft tortilla with a little cheese. My husband and middle son added salsa to theirs.


We also had fresh cantelope and watermelon. And homemade strawberry/banana smoothies.


It was a fun, vitamin packed meal.

4 potatoes  $.32

10 Eggs    $.70

Tortillas  $1.00

Cheese  $.50

Fruit  $1.50  (on sale at Kroger, .97 for cantelope and $2.00 for watermelon, used half)

Strawberries  $.99 (on sale at Aldi’s, used 1 container)

4 bananas  $.72

1 container yogurt  $.43

Total  $6.16  (I didn’t quite hit the $5 mark, but 6 of us ate, so it still was pretty good)

I think I will make up a batch of these to keep in the frig, the boys can heat up the egg mixture, put it on a tortilla and have a quick breakfast this summer.

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