Baking Cupboard Organization

By October 28, 2009December 2nd, 2016Home Management, Organizing

As most cupboards do at some point in time, my baking cupboard had become out of control.

Baking Cupboard.fixed.1.

So, I unloaded all of the spices, baking ingredients, chips, nuts, and of course sprinkles.

I divided them into groups, and placed them on each shelf.

Baking Cupboard.fixed.2.

Baking Cupboard.fixed.3.

You see, it’s really great to have everything organized. But more important, are my sprinkles and cupcake decorations. Because I have to be able to decorate all those yummy cupcakes to share with you.


Do you recognize the containers? Yep, I saved them from chicken and beef bouillon cubes. I once saw this amazing system to store your sprinkles in over at Bakerella, where she used a spice rack from Amazon. But, the rack is close to $50, so, I will add it to my wish list. And for $-0- I still have my sprinkles well organized.

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