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Align Probiotic

Do you have a daily health routine? With Summer quickly approaching, we all want to feel better. Align Probiotic Support can help!

Align Probiotic

I have partnered with P&G to bring you this post! I am not a health professional. As always, the opinions are my own.

I have been working, over the last year or so, to learn to take care of myself.

I know – learn to take care of myself? That seems strange, but it’s the truth.

It’s something I never learned. I was never taught that it’s important to get exercise, or eat a healthy meal, or take time for myself to recharge my body and spirit.

Over the years, when my boys were younger, there just didn’t seem to be time for myself. I have now learned, that there WAS time, I just wasn’t taking it, and I didn’t understand the importance of taking the time. I worked non-stop to create an amazing home and family. I wanted so desperately to be “that” Mom. To create a life for my boys, one that they were proud of. But in reality, all they really needed was their Mom.

Now, I’m not saying that I wasn’t there, that I didn’t spend time with them, because I did, a lot of time. But it was hurried, overwhelmed, unfocused time. There was always something on my to-do list that was calling my name.

I felt guilty if the list went uncompleted. I felt guilty if the boys didn’t have my full attention.

Can you relate?

So now, 20 years later, I am learning how to create systems and habits in my life so that I can spend the time on myself and not feel guilty.


Part of what I have learned, is that it’s really important to have good gut health. Taking a probiotic supplement is a good step toward that. Probiotics are good bacteria that support many essential bodily functions, including healthy digestion. Your body needs beneficial bacteria for a number of things, including healthy digestion.

Align is a dietary supplement that fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7 with continued daily use.* Diet, travel, changes in routine and stress can disrupt your natural balance of good bacteria in the microbiome. Align supplements your digestive system with good bacteria to help maintain digestive balance* so you can continue doing the things you love to do.

Align Probiotic

Here is a very simple morning routine that I follow, and have found to work great for my schedule.

  1. Wake by 5 am (sometimes earlier, sometimes later, 5 am is the goal)
  2. Bathroom, Water, Take supplements
  3. Get changed and head to swim
  4. Swim 1 mile at our local YMCA
  5. Shower and dress
  6. Stop at home for a quick breakfast that I take to the local lake
  7. Lake time = read, journal, learn from podcast or video, meditate, prayer
  8. Head home to start my work day

My morning routine has helped me more than I can say. I think keeping it simple is key. The main part is to create a daily habit for yourself.

Adding Align to your daily health routine is easy.

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