Menu Planning Live Chat


Join us tonight, March 14th at 8 p.m. CST as chat all about Menu Planning. What works for you…what recipes you like…and what others use to make their lives easier. Tiffany from Eat at Home, Rachel from Following in My Shoes, Shannon from For the Mommas and I will be your hosts. You can meet us right here, or in […]

Menu Planning has moved

Monthly Menu Plan

It occurred to me one day last week while looking at the Menu Plan page, that I never told you that I was moving my Menu Planning posts. So, in case you are looking, Menu Planning including a Monthly Menu Plan as well as Weekly Plans will be over at Pocket Change Gourmet. The August Menu Plan […]

July Menu Plan 2011

Menu collage

Happy July! I hope you are all having a great holiday weekend! We have enjoyed lots of baseball, and the beautiful weather! We continue adding lots of grilling recipes to the Menu Plan this month. I also have 3 trips this month, so the guys are on their own a little bit. I’m excited to […]

February Menu Plan – 2011

Winter Monthly Menu Plan

Ok, will someone please tell  me where January went?? Really, time is just flying by! I’m back home from Blissdom, and had an amazing trip!! If you were there, please be sure to give me a shout out in the comments. But, now it’s back to reality, and feeding my family. Have I told you […]

January Menu Plan – 2011

Winter Monthly Menu Plan

Happy New Year! Did you enjoy your Holiday? We had a great Christmas and fun New Year’s Eve! I’m looking forward to getting back on a schedule, planning some meals, and hopefully getting some meal prep done ahead of time. Several months ago, I planned a whole week of meals from the Make Ahead Meals […]

December Menu Plan~2010 and a Giveaway

December Menu collage

Welcome to another great month of Menu Planning! Especially during this busy time of year, it is so helpful to have your meals planned ahead. While I was doing some Christmas decorating today, I gave the December Menu Plan Calendar to Nick, my 17 year old, and he planned the menu this month. Before we […]

September Menu Plan – 2010

Menu collage

So here we are already…time for another Monthly Menu Plan. Wow! Is it really almost September? Can someone please slow down the time? Even though I’m a Summer gal, love the Summer, love the heat…I do also love Fall, especially for the comfort foods and the baking possibilities. All the delicious apples and pumpkins…Mmmm, I […]