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Well the trees are mostly down, all 12 of them {except the Pez Tree upstairs}. I always love cleaning up after Christmas and making a fresh start, but I also don’t want the house to look bare either. With all the Christmas Decorating I did this year, I needed some simple Winter decorating that I could finish up quickly.

We decided to take down the Snowman Tree that was in the Dining Room, since it was so big, but I still wanted a small tree with some Winter decorations on it somewhere in the house.

You may remember the Woodland Trees that were in the Foyer. I decided to leave up one of them, and add some simple Winter decorations to it. I loved the decorations from last year, when I created a Mr. Snowman Tree with some items we already had.

An old hat and a scarf cut from wool fabric for the scarf, a few snowflakes and Mr. Snowman was done.

I placed an old sled and a wire basket filled with pinecones next to the tree.

In about 5 minutes time, we have a fun and simple Winter decoration to greet our guests.

Have you taken down your Christmas decorations yet?

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