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Rainbow Pinwheel Wreath

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It’s time to have some more fun with Rainbows and Pinwheels. We are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with 17 days of Food and Fun, and this week is all about Rainbows! On Monday, I shared our St. Patrick’s Day Mantel with Rainbow Tissue Paper Flowers and yesterday we enjoy Mini Rainbow Cupcakes. Today…let’s make a Rainbow Pinwheel Wreath!

Last week I showed you how to make paper pinwheels, they are easy and the decorating ideas are endless. And this Rainbow Pinwheel Wreath is yet another fun project for you to make!

The Rainbow paper comes in a pack from Walmart, and just like the other pinwheels, we used spray adhesive to make them double sided. The wreath is straw {one that I had in my stash} and I just wrapped it with wide green painters tape so that the pinwheels would stick to it better.

This antique ironing board hangs on the wall in our Living Room, with a grapevine wreath hung with burlap. I simply added the Rainbow Pinwheel Wreath on top on the other wreath. It makes a fun splash of color to the wall.

Rainbow Pinwheel Wreath Supplies:

  • Solid scrapbook paper {I bought mine at Walmart for $5/pack}
  • Supplies to make the pinwheels – Learn how to make a paper pinwheel 
  • Wreath – I used straw, but styrofoam would work too
  • Hot glue gun


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