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How to make Tissue Paper Flowers

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This morning, after finishing up decorating the Mantel, I realized that I should show you how to make tissue paper flowers, before I share what we did with the St. Patrick’s Day Mantel.

Even though the tissue paper flowers seemed pretty easy, before I got started, I headed over to MomAdvice, and found out exactly how Amy made her tissue paper flowers. I find it helpful to look at how others make things and gather inspiration before starting my projects.

Yes…we put these these beautiful big tissue paper flowers on the Mantel, stop back tomorrow and check out what we did with them.

But first, let’s make some tissue paper flowers

Tissue Paper Flower Supplies:

  • Tissue paper  {7-9 sheets makes a large flower, you can use more if you want it fuller}
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters

Step 1:

Lay out tissue paper so it’s all even. The width of the fold should be 1 1/2 inches wide. I used the ruler width to measure each fold.

Step 2:

Fold tissue paper, accordion style, making sure that you crease each fold {I used my finger nail to make it crisp}

Step 3:

Continue folding  until all the tissue paper is stacked up, accordion style

Step 4:

Wrap a piece of wire around the middle

Step 5:

Round the corners, or you can make them pointed {like Amy suggests}

Step 6:

Carefully separate each sheet of tissue, pulling them toward the center. This takes some time and patience. It took me a couple hours to get all 7 flowers done, so allow yourself some time.

The ideas are endless for using these Tissue Paper Flowers. They would make an adorable decoration for a little girls party, a baby or bridal shower…or maybe even on a Mantel {hint,hint}! Come back tomorrow and see what we did with these flowers!

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Update: The St. Patrick’s Day Mantel is complete with a FREE Printable Lucky Banner

Have you ever made Tissue Paper Flowers? What did you use them for?



  1. Cat says

    I love your tissue flower mantel idea. I think in greens when it comes to St.patrick’s Day. I also like finding new ideas because my Mom’s birthday is march 17. And she loves it.
    I make tissue flowers but smaller like 4×4 or or smaller. I will be making layered green and white(like carnations) for st.pat’s day. When smaller u can make a bouquet ,or glue to a headband or clip,make a pin with them. We use chennile sticks for stems which can then be used as a bracelet. So so many options.
    Now I have inspiration with you rainbow mantle. So thank you very much. Cannot wait to see what you do next. On more thing where I live we only have Walmart as a craft supply store so I am glad to see supplies gathered from a store I am familar with.
    Thank you!!!

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