How to add tile to a Kitchen Island ::
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18 Gorgeous Kitchen Islands Ideas

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Having a Kitchen Island has turned out to be really valuable, although in the beginning I wasn’t really sure I wanted one. Doug built our Kitchen Island last Summer and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. It not only serves as extra counter space, the storage underneath is invaluable as well.

Right around the same time that Doug built the Kitchen Island, I discovered a website…Hometalk. I know you love your home and garden as much as I do, so I thought I would share a little about Hometalk with you. It’s a little similar to Pinterest in that you can view home ideas and get inspiration, and also clip the ideas to a board.

Last week I pulled together 18 gorgeous Kitchen Island Ideas and clipped them to a Hometalk Board. In case you missed our Kitchen Island, Doug shows you after a little planning, how to add tile to the top giving it a very sturdy and durable surface.

How to add tile to a Kitchen Island ::

We are planning another tile job soon, so stay tuned for that. Now let’s take a look at the Kitchen Islands on Hometalk. Pop on over and check out my Kitchen Island Hometalk Board!

18 Kitchen Island Ideas


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