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Are you a color challenged individual? You know the feeling, how am I going to decide on the color for this project? Well fear no more there’s a color visualizing tool for you, now you can visualize your room with Olympic Paint. Not everyone is an interior designer but that doesn’t mean you can’t paint your place like one.

It’s really a breeze to do, let me show you the way.

Olympic Paint has the coolest online tool to allow you to upload your own digital photos of your rooms, even the whole house. So you can do a little planning ahead of time to draw inspiration from your environment. We love spending time gathering our inspiration and you just never know where it might come from, an old painting in a thrift shop, a cool new restaurant that has some of the hippest decor.  Now you can gather all these before hand and use them in your home.

Now that you have gotten some inspiration you can spend some time choosing some of the Olympic paint colors from their hundreds of choices, and for the beginners out there they have grouped some great color palettes together so it’s easy to be a professional when it comes down to picking out your colors.

Now on to the techy part, grab your camera and take pictures of all your rooms that are due for a painting. I know we have a few and I’m sure you do too.

Our next decorating project is looking like it will the dining room, it’s got cool lower wood paneling but the walls are an older two tone green wallpaper that has seen better days and frankly it makes me a little dizzy if I look at it too long. So I uploaded a photo to get an idea how this will look with a few different looks.

Getting the program to recognize the wall area was a little time consuming, it doesn’t like the vertical stripes either but it only took a few extra tries to get it to recognize the areas I wanted separated out. After talking with the folks from Olympic Paint I found out that the program was recognizing the bold stripes as shadows and if I’d chosen a plain wall it would have worked fine. Now comes the fun and creative part.

Now it’s not perfect but I do think this is a handy tool that will save a lot of headaches, time and wasted money on paint samples. I can even see using this as a way for a husband and wife to come up with their own ideas for a room and share with each other. You can paint whatever you want from floor to ceiling and everything inbetween. And once you’re done save it and you’ll have a record for when the time comes.

For more inspiration and painting tips from the pros visit Olympic Paint on facebook.

Disclosure: I was compensated by Burst Media on behalf of Olympic Paint to share my experience with you. All thoughts and opinions as always are my own.

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