Peter Rabbit Organics: Healthy Snacks for Kids

By January 17, 2013Featured Posts

A common New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier, and as parents we also want our children to follow that same healthy lifestyle. It’s a simple enough goal to follow when you’re at home, but not so much when you’re on the go. Your kids can eat fine when they’re at home, but what about when they’re out and about? Whether it’s at school, a friend’s house, or just on a road trip,  the pickings for kids can be slim.

Luckily, Peter Rabbit Organics, a small, privately-owned company is offering some new healthy choices for children. Peter Rabbit Organics are pouches of healthy food for children over 6 months old. Perfectly made for travel, the food in these pouches is completely natural, no sugar or salt or anything added.

Peter Rabbit’s 3 promises to their customers

  1. They promise that their food is 100% organic, with no preservatives added.
  2. They also promise that their food is 100% healthy.
  3. Their final promise is that their food is 100% delicious.

To prove this, they sent my family some samples to try. Though it was made for kids younger than my own, they still enjoyed this product. The applesauce-like texture made the food easy to carry around and eat. The flavors are all delicious, as promised, and the consensus of our family is that the best flavor is apple & banana. But all the flavors are delicious, and I think your young ones will agree.

For more information on Peter Rabbit Organics, visit their website, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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