Dental Braces: Treatment Options a Retrospect

The evolution of dental treatments over the last few decades owes much of it’s advances in treatment options to the development of new plastics and the seemingly endless ability of computer mapping programs. Wow, that was a mouthful and yet that is exactly what you had to choose when you took your kids to the orthodontist just a few short decades ago.

I was one of those kids, and telling you from experience it wasn’t a fun experience. Other kids can be cruel, there were the nicknames, I’m sure you know them…Metal Mouth, Brace Face. Yes I was called all those. In retrospect I think that had an impact on the deciding how our kids would have the teeth straightened. As parents we all want to limit what our kids must endure that we had to as children, this is naturally. That’s why generation to generation we strive to make our lives better through education, better jobs and more comfortable surroundings. So why shouldn’t we take advantage of advances in orthodontic care.

Our son Nick is half way through his Invisalign treatment and I have to admit this is the best decision we have made, the process has been seamless and talk about easy. He handles everything himself, every two weeks he changes the trays and visits the orthodontist every six weeks so they can keep up to date on his progress.

I remember many trips to the orthodontist when I had metal braces and the torture, having an adult cranking on a wire in your mouth…not fun. That there are still kids that have this done today is a shame when an option is available such as Invisalign.

You can also follow along with Nick’s progress!

Disclosure: I’m part of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my son received free Invisalign treatment. As always, the opinions and experiences are my own.

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  1. You are right this can be a great answer to our children once decided to have a braces so that their classmate wont be teasing them as wearing braces.

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