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Chick Cupcakes for Easter: Cupcake Tuesday

Welcome to Cupcake Tuesday! I’m so glad to have you! I have updated the Cupcake Heaven page, there are over 100 designs and recipes! Check it out!!

Well Spring is upon us, even though our weather is still pretty chilly, I can only hope for warmer to arrive quickly. But these cute little Chick Cupcakes definitely brightened the day.

Whether you are hosting Easter or even a Spring celebration, they are sure to be a hit. They are not difficult, but they do take a little time.

Here are the supplies you will need…

  • Marshmallows for the head
  • Chocolate Chips, regular size for the eyes
  • Orange TicTacs for the beak
  • Yellow Frosting, medium stiffness {I used Wilton Decorator Icing}
  • Tips #4 and #10
  • Decorator Bags
  • Couplers for the bags

You could certainly create the Chicks without a decorator bag and tips, by using a ziploc baggie. If you don’t have decorator bags and tips, they aren’t too expensive and they really make your life alot easier. You can find them at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics and even Amazon. I buy the disposable Wilton bags, and usually get a few uses out of them by washing them with hot water and dish soap. They come 20 in a box for around $4 and the tips are only $1 at most stores and Amazon.

Now…let’s decorate

  1. Frost cupcake with a thin layer of frosting
  2. Using #4 tip, add feathers to half of the cupcake, just pipe them on randomly for a more natural look
  3. Cut a marshmallow in half and place on front of cupcake
  4. Cover marshmallow with frosting
  5. Add the eyes and beak
  6. Using #10 tip, add the wings and with #4 tip, add a few more feathers if you need to



Chick Cupcakes inspired by Taste of Home Cupcakes for every season book


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Now it’s your turn…show off your cupcake creations! I’d appreciate a link back and be sure to check out the other cupcakes!



  1. Saturday my 14 yo daughter and her friend set up a Cupcake Stand at our community yard sale. They sold 3 batches of their home baked cupcakes. I linked up their story and a recipe for Cream Cheese Frosting. Can’t wait to show my daughter your site.

  2. Cute chicks! I love how they are made from things that most people already have on hand and they are super adorable!

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