Baseball Uniform

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Here is a quick tip for all you Sports Moms. For many, many years, 2 of my 3 boys have been involved in sports. My middle son plays football, basketball and baseball. Now that he is on the High School teams, it’s a little easier, but I still have his uniform to wash and get ready.

After washing the uniform, I hang it with all of the items they need for the game, including, their hat, belt, socks, sliding shorts and athletic supporter.


Now, some of you Moms may think I’m doing too much for my boys. But, I have learned from experience, that if I don’t have everything together, and it’s time to race out the door, it never fails that I hear a “Mom, I can’t find my hat.”  It just saves time, aggrevation and headache on my part.

I also made a list of all the things that needed to be packed.

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  1. We also allowed our 3 boys to wash and keep up with their uniforms. If they forgot something, they either had to pay in cash or chores for my time to go home to retrieve it. It only took them once and they quickly found a system that worked for them.

  2. that’s so true. if you don’t have everything ready and waiting, you’ll never get out the door. with a husband and a son, i know this all too well. xD

  3. I know what you mean.

    Recently, I read a magazine article about how to have more “mom” time…and one thing suggested was to make your family “need you less.” I’ve really been working on this, starting with the little things.

    Though, sometimes it IS just easier to have everything ready to go like this. I do the same thing with my son’s uniforms. It just takes a second and eliminates stress later. It’s worth the trade off.

    For instance, we are CONSTANTLY reminding our son to watch out for and gather up his baseball gear (that stuff is $$.) Anyway, the last game he left his mitt on the bench (yes! his MITT! the last thing he needs to lose) We ended up having to drive to 2 different places to find it. Fortunately, the next game coach picked it up. Though, I suppose lessons like this help him to remember the next time. He gathered EVERYTHING right away after last night’s game 🙂

  4. My oldest son has a baseball ‘drawer’ where he is supposed to keep all these things, including the belt and athletic supporter. Problem is, he often can’t find the cup that goes inside of it (required at his age but he’s been wearing for years as a catcher) because he takes it off when he walks through the door and drops it somewhere in the house. It’s disgusting, but sometimes he sort of ‘hides it’ and we have trouble finding it, and as a boy, he doesn’t remember where. He’s 12.

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