Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes :: Recipe on
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Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes

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Hey, did you know it’s Candy Corn Week? We kicked off this fun week yesterday with Homemade Candy Corn. Yes you can make it, and it’s not difficult at all!

Today for Cupcake Tuesday, we have cute Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes for you. There is something about mini cupcakes that I just love. Vanilla cupcakes decorated with yellow, orange and white – and showing their Candy Corn decorations!

Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes :: Recipe on

Perfect for your Halloween Party or maybe the classroom party, these Candy Corn Cupcakes go together in a snap!

Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes :: Recipe on

The vanilla cupcakes made from a box mix plus ingredients to make them taste more like homemade, are baked in mini orange liners from Wilton, frosted with Decorator Icing and sprinkles in Candy Corn colors from Hobby Lobby.

Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes :: Recipe on

The cupcakes forming a Candy Corn are frosted using a #1M decorator tip with yellow, orange and white frosting.

Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes :: Recipe on

Looking for more Halloween Cupcakes? I have lots for you to choose from. Head on over to Cupcake Heaven page it has over 200 cupcake recipes and decorating ideas!

Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes :: Recipe on

Mini Candy Corn Cupcake Supplies

  • Vanilla cake mix plus ingredients
  • Orange Liners
  • Wilton Decorator Icing
  • Wilton Lemon Yellow and Orange Coloring
  • Decorator Bags
  • #1M Decorator Tips
  • Candy Corn Sprinkles
  • Candy Corn – homemade or store bought

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