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For the last several months, I have been a Community Leader in the Seasonal Celebrations Community. I’m sure you have heard me mention it before. Today, that community is getting a whole new facelift. We are excited to partner with Pixorial!

Pixorial lets you easily send, upload, edit, organize and share your video memories through it’s simple online video editing, storage and sharing tools. Pixorial’s unique, interactive platform lets users and their friends share, edit and collectively interact with video from anywhere (analog, digital, mobile and HD) to where it matters most (social networks, mobile devices, online and offline).  The most cherished thing that we each possess is our memories. How memories are captures makes a difference in how they are treasured and enjoyed in the future. Pixorial helps anyone with video memories, protect, edit and share video memories online.

I super excited about Pixorial and what they have to offer!! I know, like many of you, I have tons of old videos on VHS that I would love to be able to update.

There are 8 other amazing bloggers joining me as Community Leaders…

Hop on over and  join us for lots of great discussions! There are recipes, crafts, party ideas and much, much more! You can even enter to win $140 of digital conversion from Pixorial!!

Grab the community button and show your support!

I'm a Memories In Motion Community Member

See you in the community!

Note: I am NOT giving away the digital conversion, you need to enter to win in the Memories in Motion Community


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