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For this week’s Frugal Friday tips, I would like to share with you a few things that I do on a daily basis to save money and be frugal.


I use a tea bag for 2 days. I just set it up on top of the microwave after the first use and save it for the next day.  I don’t like my tea very strong, so that does make a difference.


Next I hang our clothes outside to dry. I don’t have a clothes line yet, so I put the clothes on hangers that have swiveling necks.


When I’m not able to hang the clothes outside, I still use the dryer, but I don’t use dry sheets. I got this little tip from Amy at MomAdvice, and it works great. I bought a cheap bottle of laundry softener, then I soak a wash cloth in the softener and hang it out to dry. It lasts usually about a week for me, but I do tons of laundry, about 20 loads.


You can see by this picture that I paid $2.48 and started using this bottle of softener on 3-19-09, and I still have some left.


By trial and error, I learned what is easiest for me. First, and most importantly, use a wash cloth that is a different color than any of your regular towels and wash cloths. It’s much easier to spot when you take the clothes out of the dryer. Secondly, use a large enough tub to soak the wash cloth in. I started with an old whipped topping container and it was just too small. And third, do a couple at a time, so you have one to use while the other is drying, because it does take a couple days to dry.

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  1. mom2fur says:

    I love how you used the fence for a clothesline! I hope you get a ‘real’ one, because I love mine, but in the meantime, that’s a very clever idea.
    I also like your fabric softener idea. I think I’ll have to make up my own for those days when I can’t hang wash outside…or when I miss the rinse cycle. Very clever!

  2. zoe says:

    That’s a good tip about using a washcloth that’s a different colour to spot it easier, it ahd never occured to me before!

  3. Kelly says:

    Thanks for this tip! We seem to go through a lot of dryer sheets.

    I wish we could get a clothes line, but our neighborhood rules don’t allow them… I still sometimes put our sheets outside, though, on the deck, because what is better than sheets that have hung out in the sun to dry?

  4. Charlene says:

    My husband likes his jeans and cotton shirts line dried, but I have to confess–I don’t like line-dried clothes. Even using fabric softener I can never seem to get them to feel right. I love the idea about the fabric-softener soaked washcloth, though, I plan to try that one soon!

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