Yesterday, my middle son had the pleasure of celebrating 6 months of his relationship with his girlfriend.  One of the life lessons I am trying to teach my boys is that you need to give from your heart, not your wallet.  Nick accomplished just that.

Here is a list of the gifts he gave to his girl…


6 yellow roses                     5.35

Baby’s breath for roses    2.14

2 picture frames                 2.14

1 printed photo                    .20

gift bag                                   1.00

scrapbook paper for backing  -0-   (found in my stash)


stuffed penquin                     -0-   (found in my stash)

Letter he wrote to her              Priceless

Total cost for gifts                       10.63

She was, needless to say, absolutely thrilled with her presents.  And I was thrilled with the lessons we all learned.

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