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Decorating your Mantle for Winter

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After sharing my Winter Decorations last week, I had a comment from a reader about how I decorate and not make it jumbled looking. So, I thought I would share with you my tips for decorating your mantle.

These decorating tips are not only good for your mantle, but can also be used to decorate a shelf, entertainment center and any other surface that you need to add a special touch to.

I have combined the pictures into a collage to shorten the post some.

Winter Mantle collage.1

  1. Begin by adding a warm, wool or flannel piece of material and then add a large item, such as skates (purchased at Goodwill for about $2) to one end of your mantle
  2. Add another large item, like the snowman, on the other end. It’s good to have a large item at either end to give balance
  3. Then I added the mittens, I tied a ribbon to each mitten to attach them together
  4. And then I simply pin them onto the fabric to secure them

Winter Mantle collage.2

  1. Next add in more snowmen, not quite as large as the one on the end
  2. And add a warm flannel scarf and bright colored hat
  3. I tucked in a medium size snowman near the skates
  4. And placed a medium size snowman at the other end

Winter Mantle collage.5

  1. After adding another snowman, I added a large snowball shaped candle in the middle of the mantle
  2. I added in several small snowball shaped candles. I bought these many years ago, I’m sorry I don’t remember where I bought them, but you could easily use any white candle.
  3. Add in some small snowmen, the one on the left is a snowglobe. I like mixing different textures.
  4. Then I added in some snowflakes, that I bought at the Dollar Store.

Winter Mantle collage.6

  1. I tucked in a snowflake by the hat and scarf
  2. Added some clear beads for a little shimmer
  3. Beads draped in the middle over the large snowball candle
  4. And at the other end

The Finished Winter Mantle

Winter Mantle finished.fixed.2

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