Hosting a Party: Old Friends, New Space

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We have talked about creating a new space for our party, planned our party and now it’s time to host our party. Hopefully, if you had time to plan, pulling off the party will be a piece of cake.

It has been a very long Winter here, with LOTS of snow, last I heard we had a total of 90+ inches for the season! So we decided to host a Cabin Fever Party for my youngest son and a couple of his friends. We took them bowling, they played Wii and ate…a lot! Exactly what 13 year old boys are supposed to do, right?


They were having such a good time, I could barely get them to hold still for a picture. {sorry it’s a little blurry}

First step…shopping

Many stores, including Walmart, Factory Card and Party Outlet and even the Dollar Store, are great places to grab serving dishes. Buying a general color, red, blue, green…means you can get many uses out of them.

  1. Serving platters store easy and can hold lots of food
  2. Bowls are a must too, great for chips and dips
  3. Foil pans are great for cooking and even re-heating
  4. Love these pitchers for a Summertime cookout
  5. Pretty much any color that you need to serve with
  6. And even paper goods too

It amazes me the variety that have now! Any color you could ever want or need! Love the coordinating plates and napkins too.

Preparing the area to serve the food…

  1. To add height to the area, I add diferent size bowls {just like I did for the Oscar Party}
  2. Then place your tablecloth over {I found this plastic one at the Dollar Store}
  3. Gather your supplies; plates, napkins, silverware, party favors, decorations etc
  4. I found these fun lanterns at the Dollar Tree. I added a piece of curling ribbon to each and simply taped them to the ceiling. They were light enough that I could just use tape. If you have heavier items, you may need to hang them on a nail or screw.

  1. Wrap silverware in a napkin, tie it with curling ribbon and place it in a fun container
  2. Look for unusual containers to hold flowers, I love these little rain boots…perfect for Spring time
  3. Sunglasses and beads were fun for the boys to wear
  4. And small buckets filled with bright colored candy

Party Favors…

Because we were hosting 13 year old boys, they did not receive these Party Favors. But I wanted to show you how you can come up with quick, easy and frugal ideas to give to your guests.

A small flower pot, some seeds, a bright colored treat bag and some curling ribbon…put it all together for a fun Party Favor.

Adding the finishing touches…

  1. Add your Party Favors to the area
  2. Dishes to serve on
  3. A little tip…if you add little notes with what food should be added to which dish, then any helpers you have know exactly where to put the food and if you prepare your area enough ahead, you can make sure you have enough serving dishes
  4. Add a little touch of Spring to your area

Now for the food…

  1. Cupcakes were a must at the party. I decorated some fun Spring Cupcakes with Jelly Bellys and other candy
  2. Brownie Goody Bars were a hit
  3. And S’More’s are always a hit…since the weather is still too cold to roast outside, using our S’More Maker was a great alternative
  4. Have you ever seen marshmallows this HUGE?? They are such fun!

Our Cabin Fever Party…

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What is your favorite party you have hosted or attended?

Disclosure: I was not paid by Factory Card Outlet, Dollar Tree or Walmart. I simply like them!

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