Drano Snake Plus Review

By September 5, 2011Reviews/Giveaways

Have you ever tried to unclog a seriously clogged drain? It’s not fun!

In the past we have made several trips to the hardware store for special tools and chemicals to clean our drain. Especially our shower drain, where there is lots of hair.

Drano Snake Plus is a new drain cleaning kit from the drain experts you trust that’s guaranteed to clear clogs the first time or it’s free {see Drano.com for details}. It combines an easy-to-use 18” flexible tool with a powerful pro concentrate gel, the thickest and most powerful gel from Drano, which clings directly to the clog and helps dissolve it away.

We recently had a chance to give the Drano Snake Plus a try on our bathroom sink. Between my long hair and 3 of the men in my house shaving, it often gets clogged.

Drano went right to work and unclogged the drain in no time at all! The key was the 18″ flexible tool that helps to partially clear the drain prior to using the Drano gel. After following the directions on the package our bathroom sink was draining like it was brand new.

You can find Drano Snake Plus at most Walmart stores, Hardware stores and even on Amazon.

Disclosure: I received a Drano Snake Plus gift pack to try. All the opinions are my own.

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