Cupcake Tuesday ~ Snowman Cupcakes

Welcome to another edition of Cupcake Tuesday! I’m excited to not only share with you some fun Snowman Cupcakes today but also an awesome giveaway!

First, the cupcakes…since we have received over a foot of snow in the last 3 days, I just had to create some fun Snowman Cupcakes to share with you.

Snowman Cupcakes.fixed.3

Start with your favorite flavor of cupcake, I used vanilla. Then create snowmen using marshmallows and decorate with assorted candies.

Snowman Cupcakes.fixed.6

For these, I added a large marshmallow and then frosted the top including the marshmallow. His hat is made from a mint and a Candy Cane Kiss, M&M’s for buttons and sprinkles for his face.

Snowman Cupcakes.fixed.7

I found it much easier to attach the marshmallows with a toothpick. For his hat, I used an Oreo (one side) and a small Peanut Butter Cup, mini M&M’s for buttons, pretzels for his arms and sprinkles for his face.

Snowman Cupcakes.fixed.1

This is also a great way to use up some of that leftover Christmas candy. Use your imagination or let the kids decorate their own.

I was so excited when Anne-Marie, aka the Soap Queen, contacted me about her Cupcake Bath Bombs. Along with her partner, Amber, they run Bramble Berry, a website with tons of soap supplies. They also blog over at Soap and the Finer Things in Life, where you will find lots of goodies.

Here is a brief description of a kit, from their site:

Bath Bomb Cupcake Kit:
With this kit you can create 6 blue bath bomb cupcakes with pink frosting scented with Cream Cheese Frosting fragrance. The included recipe will make a little extra frosting – but we think that’s helpful when you are first learning to pipe frosting.”

Head on over to find out what’s included in the kit.

And look what fun Cupcake Bath Bombs you can make with the kit.




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