Cupcake Tuesday ~ Mr. Snowman Cupcake

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Welcome to Cupcake Tuesday! I’m glad you found me!


Today I’m sharing another fun Snowman Cupcake, not only because we have nearly 24 inches of snow on the ground right now, it’s January, and I happen to love Snowmen, but also because  this Mr. Snowman Cupcake is just about the cutest Snowman ever (I think even beating the Snowman Cupcakes from last week)

Stacked Snowman Cupcake.fixed.3

And yes, after reading this great post on food photography, I took Mr. Snowman Cupcake outside to take his picture, in the snow on our front porch. 🙂

I started with white cake batter and used 3 different sizes of cupcakes to make him, jumbo, regular and mini, using a little frosting to attach each cupcake.

Mr Snowman Cupcake.fixed

And I’ll have to give credit to Doug, my husband, for this idea.

I used White Buttercream Frosting in my decorator bag with a star tip, you could use any tip, I chose this one because it looks like a snowflake.

After covering all 3 cupcakes with frosting, I dressed him.

I used a red fruit roll-up for his scarf (trimmed down to make it thinner), an Oreo cookie with a Peanut Butter Cup for his hat, mini M&M’s for his eyes and nose, pretzel sticks for his arms and Runts Candy for his mouth and buttons.

Stacked Snowman Cupcake.fixed.2

Are you going to the Blissdom Conference? If so, leave me a comment and let me know what cupcake you would like to try, I plan on bringing some 🙂

Please visit The Inspired Room for more Winter inspiration.

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