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By November 30, 2012Featured Posts

Last month I told you all about the new financial service brought to you by American Express and Walmart…Bluebird. The card works just like a credit or debit card; load money onto the card and use it anywhere American Express is accepted.

I ordered my card on the Bluebird website, and within just a few minutes I was done, and the card arrived in the mail within the week. Not knowing exactly how easy it would be to load money or use it, I added only $25 to the card at the service desk at my local Walmart. Adding the money was super easy and there was no charge to add money. Many prepaid debit cards charge you to add money, but not Bluebird!

Next stop was to see if the card was easy to use. With the weather turning colder, it’s time to seal up our windows with plastic and Doug needed a few more supplies, so we grabbed what we needed and headed to checkout. {I blacked out the numbers on the card intentionally}

I swiped the card and I was done. There was no signing or pin number to use…super easy! Now it was time to try another method of depositing money and see how easy it was.


I logged into my Bluebird account and clicked on deposit money, added my bank account with the routing and account numbers. Bluebird will deposit a small amount of money into my bank account for verification, then I can transfer money from the bank to my Bluebird card with just a couple clicks.

Knowing that my Bluebird card is backed by American Express is one of the best features, especially when I’m travelling. Here is a little more information for you…

  • You can order the Bluebird card online or pick one up at your local Walmart
  • Bluebird card is accepted anywhere that takes American Express
  • Pay bills online
  • Set up direct deposits to be made to your Bluebird account
  • Deposit a check using your smart phone
  • Set up sub-accounts for family members
  • Use an ATM to access your money – note: no charge if you have direct deposit set up, $2 fee if you don’t
  • AND the best part…NO annual or monthly fees, NO overdraft fees, NO minimum balances required, NO card replacement fees and NO foreign exchange fees

Do you have more questions? Visit the Bluebird website

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