Balancing a Busy Schedule

By January 5, 2010Home Management, Organizing

Busy? Moms are very busy. How do you balance your work, whether you are working at home or outside the home? Whether your children are babies, toddlers or teens, there is just so much to be done.

Meal planning, cooking and baking, housework, homework, paying bills, medical appointments, laundry…the list goes on. And then, as many of my readers are, we add in the business of blogging. Yes, I do consider it a business, even though it has brought me more happiness than ever, I do need and want to make money with my blog. And I have set some pretty steep goals for myself for this year.

So, how do I balance it all. Well, unfortunately, I don’t have the answer, and quite honestly, since I started preparing for the holidays, things starting getting left behind.

I figured today was a great opportunity to get caught up a little with some much needed blogging business. Several weeks ago, Emily over at Marvelous Recipes was so kind to give me a Honest Scrap Award. Thanks Emily! One of the things that I have been needing to get done is passing on the Award.

Note: After getting this post ready, I checked my email and what a nice surprise, another blogger gave me this award also. Thanks, Jill from Frugal Plus 🙂

Award210 Things About Me

1.  I am a perfectionist, and it gets me into trouble quite often.

2.  I dream of having a large farm house in the country (wish I could take our home right now and move it) so I can have a few chickens, a little livestock and a very large garden.

3.  I love playing cards and games, and I need to make more time to do this.

4.  I have a terrible sweet tooth, that’s probably why I bake and post recipes so often.

5.  I am a collector, Snowmen, Tea Pots, and Cookie Cutters and love to display them.

6.  I hate Winter, yes we currently have about 14 inches of snow on the ground.

7.  Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, the hotter the better.

8.  I coached gymnastics for 25 years, school age and High School.

9.  My Mom was a florist for 40+ years, I often wish I would have carried on her business.

10. I am a Christian and try to live God’s plan.

I am passing on this Award to just a few fellow bloggers, not because I don’t love all of my great online friends, but because we are all so very busy and I’m trying to balance my life right now.

~Susie @ Susie’s Homemade

~Phoebe @ Cents To Get Debt-Free

~Jamie @ My Baking Addiction

~Monica @ Daily Dwelling

~Cheryl @ Tidy Mom

I also have a few more bits of business to catch up on…

With the help of Joy (Blog Designer Extraordinaire), you now have the ability, if you would like, to print my recipes. You can find the little printer button at the bottom of the post next to the categories.

I have a new button in my right sidebar from MomWebs. They are my host for my blog and I can’t say enough good things about them. I’m not a techy blogger, at all, anytime I have trouble I just send an email and Scott is super quick to respond to my question. If you are looking for a new host, I highly recommend MomWebs.

Now that I have a little business taken care of, it’s time to get back to balancing my life. I do have a few tools that I use that have helped, my Household Organizer, Scheduling my Blogging, Planning my meals for the month and the Power of 3 (more on this later).

Today, over at We Are THAT Family, we are having a backwards day, answering questions, and because I’m trying to figure it all out…

How do you balance your life?

Do you use any great tools that have helped?



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