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DIY Shiplap Wall

5 Best Hoosier Homemade Home Projects from 2016

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Can you believe 2016 is almost over? I can’t! I love looking back at the year and feeling a great feeling of accomplishment! While looking over the year, I put together the 5 best Hoosier Homemade Projects from 2016! 

If you are looking to make changes in your home some of these are quick home projects and others will provide inspiration! What is your favorite project you did in your home this year?

DIY Shiplap Wall
Are you in love with the show FIXER UPPER? Do you love Shiplap Walls? Wish you could have one? Well now YOU can! Follow these EASY instructions and transform your own space for UNDER $40!

This DIY Shiplap wall totally transformed our guest room- and made it into one of my favorite rooms in the house! The shiplap is so much easier than you would think- and only $40! What room would you choose?

Farmhouse She Shed

SHE SHED -- This Farmhouse She Shed is AMAZING! Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and be inspired to create a space of your own!

The She Shed was definitely the biggest project of the year! Our farmhouse style she shed was a dream for a long time- and I was so excited to see it completed. I love having this space for working and for family! I also loved decorating the shed for Christmas! Would you ever add a She Shed to your property? It was a lot of work, but we love it and that makes it worth it!

Pallet Deck & Projects

Wooden Pallet Compost Bin - Learn how to make a compost bin using wooden pallets in 6 EASY steps! Use Wooden Pallets to make the compost bin for LESS than half the cost of wood!

The Pallet Deck was our biggest (and most popular) pallet project ever! We used the deck in front of the She Shed- so although it wasn’t a new project, we used it in a new way! We also made a compost bin out of pallets (pictured above) and a cat condo! We love pallets around here!

Any pallet projects that you would be interested in us taking on? We love new inspiration!

Laundry Projects

LAUNDRY ROOM ORGANIZING IDEAS -- Keeping your space organized is half the battle when the laundry is piling up! These simple, easy ideas will help!

For years, we have used this mobile laundry station (a quick and easy project anyone can complete), but this year we updated our laundry room (and organization!)- yay! The laundry room was another really big project, but it changed how we function in our house- laundry is a little bit more enjoyable now!

10 Rules Every Homeowner Should Follow When Landscaping

Everyone wants a yard that is beautiful and easy to take care of! These 10 Rules every homeowner should follow when landscaping will make it easy and fun for you! Click on the Photo to learn more!

Are you ready to conquer some outdoor projects next year? These 10 rules are great to keep in mind for a successful landscaping project! From style to budget to plant types, these rules will help you plan and implement your next landscaping project!

I hope these 5 (ish) projects inspire you to tackle a project in – or outside of!-  your own home this year! What were your favorite projects of the year? I would love to see them!

The Best Home Projects of 2016!

Top 10 Favorite Desserts

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Dessert is a big part of celebrating in our home- we have special birthday cake, holiday desserts, and fun cupcakes to celebrate just about any milestone. I have my favorites, but here on Hoosier Homemade, you guys seem to have your own favorites! So here are Top 10 Favorite Desserts – based on reader feedback (pins, shares, comments, etc)!

1. Banana BreadBanana Bread.feature

Our Banana Bread has been pinned over 57,000 times- and for good reason- it is amazing! And you can serve it for breakfast too- my favorite kind of dessert!

2. Christmas Hugs


Christmas hugs are not new around the blog world, but I made them for the first time this year (so good!). They were definitely a hit with readers too- and even thought Christmas is over, this recipe can be used for any holiday or celebration!

3. Chocolate Zucchini Cake


This Chocolate Zucchini Cake is a summer staple in our house- and it seem like you all love it too! It just might be the reason we grow zucchini every year : )

4. Glow in the Dark Cupcakes


Holidays desserts are big around here. These cupcakes are spooky and fun- and easy! This year we added a video to the post too- make sure to check it out!

5. Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Ice Cream Sandwiches Cake

Our 4th of July Ice Cream Sandwich cake might be my favorite new dessert of the year! We made it red, white and blue for the holiday, but since then I’ve made it in team colors, birthday party colors, and even a rainbow! Perfect for any occasion!

6. Chocolate Fondue


Another fun and easy (only 3 ingredients!) dessert- this Chocolate Fondue has been pinned over 20,000 times! Fondue is such a great way to make an evening feel special.

7. Twix Bars

Homemade Twix Bars

These Twix Bars are another favorite on Pinterest… and with my boys… and with my husband… and with my friends! These are my most requested dessert when I ask someone what I can bring! Try them- they taste just like the real thing!

8. Fried Pies

Easy Fried Pies

You guys love recipes with only a few ingredients (and who wouldn’t!?). These Fried Pies have only 2 ingredients, take about 5 minutes and can be customized any way you like. Win win win!

9. Strawberry Cream Pie

Easy Strawberry Cream Pie

This pie makes me miss summer! Our Strawberry Cream Pie is so easy (and only 4 ingredients!)- it is the perfect summer dessert- or the perfect dessert for when you wish it was summer!

10. Angel Food Cake


The theme around here is simple, easy, create- and sometimes that means dressing up a store bought cake. This Angel Food Cake is a show stopper- only takes 15 minutes and you can change out the fruit for whatever is in season!

Whew- that is a lot of mouth watering desserts in one place! Tell me- which is your favorite? Or do you have a favorite that we haven’t made yet- I would love some new ideas!

Top 10 Favorite Desserts on Hoosier Homemade!

New Year’s Eve Party Favors

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I am participating in a campaign for Brookside Chocolate. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Brookside Chocolate and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

Can you believe that 2016 is almost over? Are you thinking about New Year’s Eve yet? I love hosting a New Year’s Eve party and celebrating the past year while looking forward to next year!  Read More

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