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The never ending laundry pile – do you have one in your home too? For us, and probably for you too, the laundry seems to multiply. It all starts with just a sock or two and before you turn around twice, there is a huge pile to tackle.

With help from Tide, Maytag and The Home Depot, we are tackling the laundry pile! According to Jenny Komenda and her Laundry Room Redesign Tips – “A rolling laundry butler can be your best friend, doing triple duty with a hanging bar, a rolling basket and a drying rack.”

We took the rolling laundry butler a step further and created an organizing station that holds laundry baskets and a place on top to hold soap, stain remover and dryer sheets and created a Mobile Laundry Station.

DIY Mobile Laundry Station :: Instructions on HoosierHomemade.com

For step-by-step instructions on how to make your own Mobile Laundry Station, head on over to our DIY Page!

P&G THD Tide Maytag Laundry Room Tips

Check out more Laundry Room Redesign Tips on the Maytag/Tide website

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Tide and $500 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway

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  1. Angela says:

    I wash clothes right after spilling on them.

  2. Michelle S says:

    Double check the pockets on your husbands jeans, even if he says that he checked them. LOL Also pretreat and wash stained clothing as soon as possible.

  3. naomi c says:

    we sort clothes as we throw them in the hamper – saves some work for me later
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  4. Stephanie Ann says:

    I love to use dryer sheets and woolzie dryer balls when drying my clothes, it makes a huge difference with all the lint on my clothes!

  5. Kathy says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Please enter me!

    Best Laundry Tip: Remove clothes from dryer immediately to prevent wrinkles, and cut down on ironing!!
    Kathy recently posted..Sweet Banner and Sun Room TweaksMy Profile

  6. Jodi H. says:

    I’ve always used the plastic laundry baskets to carry laundry to the washer. Recently, I bought a HUGE blue IKEA bag at their checkout for less than a dollar and I’ve found that I like to throw my dirty laundry in that to take to my laundry room. It’s a lot easier to handle!

  7. marye jane says:

    My best laundry tip, keep a jar on the washer, when money falls out from your kids pockets, put it in the jar, you just got paid for doing the laundry!! :)

  8. Charity L. says:

    Always empty the lint trap between loads of wash. It helps dry the clothes a little faster.
    And carry a tide stick in your purse to help with stains!

  9. Shannon says:

    Do a load every day no matter what!

  10. Sarah A says:

    Vinegar, instead of fabric softener, added before the rinse cycle.
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  11. patricia says:

    best laundry tip would be to do a load a day. but gather the dirty from each room on a daily basis. If I forget to do this I end up with 3 or more loads gathered from one kids room that was just left on the floor. very dissappointing when I was happy thinking most the laundry had been done, lol

  12. Krista W. says:

    Do lots of small loads so it doesn’t get overwhelming!

  13. Krista W. says:

    Do lots of small loads so it doesn’t get overwhelming!

  14. Steven R says:

    Don’t forget to keep the outside vent clean as well.

  15. amber says:

    my best laundry tip is to wash everything in cold – it gets clothes just as clean and saves energy

  16. Karen R says:

    My best laundry tip is to measure the detergent. Using too much is just a waste of money.

  17. Don’t leave stuff in the dryer when done, put it away right away otherwise you use more energy trying to get the wrinkles out again…

  18. rachel says:

    Tackle stains immediately! Also, check pockets just in case….learned that lesson the hard way when I ruined my hubby’s ipod shuffle.

  19. Vunda V says:

    i like to get it all done in one day!

  20. Norma says:

    Pre-treat stains as soon as possible – if they sit too long they can be stubborn!

  21. Adriane says:

    If you are washing an article of clothing for the first time and it is in a color that could even POSSIBLY bleed, do not trust the label – wash it separately the first time. I’ve had it happen twice where a new piece of clothing ruined most of the clothes in my washer :/

  22. Jenn McClearn says:

    my nest laundry tip is to make sure to stain treat at least an hour before putting the soiled clothes into the washer

  23. Windy Phillips says:

    To de-gunk your towels and get them super absorbent again wash them one cycle with hot water using only baking soda (1/2 – 1 cup depending on load size). Then follow up with one cycle with hot water using only white vinegar (again 1/2 – 1 cup depending on load size). Dry with dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. It will get all the buildup and make them fluffy and super absorbent again!!

  24. I always stain treat prior to washing, more often than not, as soon as I see the stain, LOL! I also make sure to frequently clean lint trap between dryer loads, I’m actually quite OCD about it. ;)

  25. Cori W says:

    I have 2 laundry hampers, one for darks and one for lights. Makes sorting so much easier.

  26. Elizabeth molina says:

    I has 3 different laundry basket one for white , black and dark color and the last one for lights color and I always take the clothes out of the dryer for wrinkle

  27. Beatrice says:

    I always add baking soda when washing towels, and use vinegar for the the rinse cycle.
    Thanks for the chance!!

  28. Joan says:

    My tip is to get your husband to do the laundry then you don’t have to do it!

  29. Donna says:

    Always do a little bit of laundry every day so that you don’t get stuck with huge piles

  30. Julie says:

    I’m still a laundry newbie so I’m still looking for tips.

  31. Rust says:

    My best laundry tip is to use a pod of dishwashing soap for extra soiled laundry.

  32. Use unscented laundry detergent and add clear essential oils, such as lavender or rosemary to add germ killing power and a pleasant smell to your wash.

  33. Alaine says:

    Do small loads so it doesn’t build up and get you overwhelmed.

  34. Cathy says:

    vinegar takes out old smells

  35. Wanda McHenry says:

    Putting a 1/4 cup of vinegar in your cold water washes help to kill germs.

  36. Alana F. says:

    It IS okay for you to do a load of laundry that is not sorted! Just get the laundry started!

  37. Natalie G. says:

    Do laundry as soon as you have a full load!

  38. Lisa T. says:

    would love to win! with 5 people living in our home, we do lots of laundry! I love to add vinegar to the rinse cycle for fresh clothes!

  39. Courtnie Miller says:

    Don’t wait until the last minute, because before you know it will all pile up!

  40. Stephanie says:

    My son requests that I use Tide for his laundry. He would love for us to win the giveaway.

  41. Isabel says:

    I hate to admit this….but laundry isn’t my most favorite thing to do….but I do use Tide, just like my Mama did!
    Isabel recently posted..The Bus….My Profile

  42. DeeKaye says:

    I admit I do NOT like doing laundry — and since it’s just me, I tend to let it pile up too much! Maybe sorting it out with a laundry station would help. I do often use Tide (the unscented/no color kind) to wash my clothes, though.

  43. Diane says:

    I have found that chlorine bleach actually works on colors as well–just use a leeeetle bit and make sure it never directly contacts the clothes. I was surprised that my colors actually came out brighter.