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The never ending laundry pile – do you have one in your home too? For us, and probably for you too, the laundry seems to multiply. It all starts with just a sock or two and before you turn around twice, there is a huge pile to tackle.

With help from Tide, Maytag and The Home Depot, we are tackling the laundry pile! According to Jenny Komenda and her Laundry Room Redesign Tips – “A rolling laundry butler can be your best friend, doing triple duty with a hanging bar, a rolling basket and a drying rack.”

We took the rolling laundry butler a step further and created an organizing station that holds laundry baskets and a place on top to hold soap, stain remover and dryer sheets and created a Mobile Laundry Station.

DIY Mobile Laundry Station :: Instructions on

For step-by-step instructions on how to make your own Mobile Laundry Station, head on over to our DIY Page!

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