Vintage Christmas Tree

Vintage Christmas Tree | on

Since I only gave you a little sneak peek at our main Christmas Tree when I shared the Christmas Mantel, I thought you might like to see how I decorated it. With a combination of old and new, and staying in the red and white theme of the Mantel, the Vintage Christmas Tree came together […]

Holiday Dessert in 5 Minutes

Holiday Dessert in 5 Minute Dessert | Recipe on

We all know how busy the Holidays can get, the shopping, programs at school, decorating, parties, cooking and then hopefully we have time for baking. Sometimes though, life gets in the way and we just need a quick dessert to share with family and friends. If you have ever found yourself in a hurry at […]

Fillable Lamps: Seasonal Decor

Fillable Lamp.feature

Changing the decorations in our home for the Holidays and Seasons is something I simply love! In fact, probably a little too much, driving my husband crazy with all the changes. One of my newest additions to my Seasonal Decor are Fillable Lamps! You saw a sneak peek of them when I shared our Christmas […]

Quick & Easy Dinner

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I’m sure you have all had those days that are so busy, there just isn’t time to make dinner. Or perhaps, you simply don’t feel like cooking, it happens to me quite often. But often times, going out to eat just isn’t an option. I know for us with 3 teenage boys, even fast food […]

Creative Gift Wrapping

Creative Gift Wrapping | from

Not only receiving a beautiful wrapped present, but also giving them is a special part of the Holiday Season. Often though, wrapping a present can be time consuming, so today I am sharing several creative ways for you to wrap your Christmas gifts without spending a lot of time or money. We have put together […]

Fill the Truck for the Children

Fill the Truck at Walmart

‘Tis the season, that special time of gift giving and joyful get-togethers. But for some less fortunate families, this time of year can be less special. Hopefully Walmart, and you, can fix that. This year Walmart is running the #fillthetruck campaign. For this campaign, volunteers will be standing at Walmart next to either a real […]

DIY Ornament Garland

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Decorating for Christmas is something I look forward to each year. And while I enjoy bringing out the decorations that I have had for a long while, I also enjoy creating new decorations. The Christmas Mantel is one of my favorite spots to decorate. This year we decided to go with a red and white […]