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Clean your Sink Naturally and Safe

Clean your Sink Naturally and Safe :: Learn how on

We all know and love ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda for our baking, but what about for cleaning? Did you know that you can use it as a multi-purpose cleaner throughout your home? The number of dishes that pass through our sink on a daily basis is astonishing. And with all those dishes, comes stain and […]

Bissell SpotClean Does the Job

Bissell SpotClean ::

Keeping up on housework is difficult with the busy lives we all lead. The day to day cleaning can be hard, but what about finding time to deep clean. Between Doug and the boys, they do a good job keeping up on the housework with me, but deep cleaning is a totally different story. Many […]

Smart Style: Family Hair Salon Review

Smart Style Family Hair Salon

In this busy lifestyle we all live, it’s often difficult to find time to squeeze in the appointments we need to make. Often times for me, I have small windows of free time available and it can take weeks to get an appointment at the time I have available. We recently had the opportunity to […]

Affordable Bedding


Slowly we have been replacing the beds, furniture and decorating the bedrooms. Our oldest son was in dire need of a new mattress. The full size mattress he was sleeping on had been passed down from a family member and was probably at least 20 years old. It was time for a new bed for […]

Bedtime Routine with Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer Spin Brush and Toothpaste ::

Even though I love the easy, breezy days of Summer, it’s great to get back into a schedule while still keeping things simple. I’ve teamed up with Arm & Hammer to share some of their products and tips over the next few months. Today we are chatting about a Bedtime Routine with the Arm & Hammer ProClean […]

Rose Harbor in Bloom: Debbie Macomber Book Review

Rose Harbor in Bloom :: Book Review on

With all the reading I do every day on the computer, it’s been quite awhile since I sat down to read a book. Life just always seems to be so busy, and sitting quietly to read is just something I don’t take time to do. Which is the exact reason why I chose to review […]

Resolve: Tackling Chocolate Stains

Resolve: Tackling Chocolate Stains :: on

Tackling tough stains like chocolate or ground in grass can be difficult! We were recently asked to put Resolve to the test and see what kind of stains we could tackle. Resolve is helping you fight stains with their Tip Exchange Website! You can share your own tips and learn from others too! We made […]