Cookie Dough Truffles Recipe

Cookie Dough Truffles Recipe

Love cookie dough? This Cookie Dough Truffles Recipe is one I have been making for years. It’s super easy, and filled with delicious chocolate chips, but don’t worry, there are no eggs, making it safe to eat! You might also like… Patriotic Cookie Dough Truffles Baking 101: Cookie Dough Truffles for Valentine’s Day Chocolate Strawberry […]

Patriotic Cookie Dough Truffles

Do you have room for one more Fourth of July Treat? Even if you don’t make these Patriotic Cookie Dough Truffles to celebrate the Fourth, you can certainly share them with your guests this week or even throughout the Summer. And who doesn’t love Cookie Dough Truffles? By using the same recipe I have used […]

Baking 101: Cookie Dough Truffles for Valentine’s Day

Cookie Dough Truffles.2

I have been so busy lately, I haven’t had a chance to add to my Baking 101 series, I apologize. I decided that since it was Chocolate Week here, it would be fun to share a short video with you about what else…CHOCOLATE! And of course, Cookie Dough Truffles too! I first made these little gems at Christmas time this […]

Homemade for the Holidays: Christmas Candy

Chocolate Lollipops.featured

Welcome to Homemade for the Holidays! Well, how is it going? Are you getting close to being done? Only 1 week until Christmas Eve! During this series, we have baked bread, cookies, made ornaments, and even cupcake wrappers…how about some Christmas Candy? I have never been a huge candy maker, although, if it’s quick and […]