Simplifying Computer Time

Since I am pretty new to blogging, I have been trying to figure out how to save time and get organized during my computer time.


On a daily basis, I usually have at least 100 emails. Once I started blogging, I didn’t have enough time to go through them, so I ended up with 600+ emails in my inbox. Then I read this great post by The Lazy Organizer, she divides her emails into 3 folders, Future Interest, Needs Action and Minute Reply. Since I have started using her system, I can get through my emails in minutes. I have to admit that I’m still working on getting through the Future Interest folder, but that will take some time. Some of the other folders I use are, Gardening, Crafts and Couponing. If the email pertains to any of those, it goes directly into that folder to be opened later.


If you are regular to my blog and even if you aren’t, you will notice that I enjoy joining in Blog Carnivals. I have gotten pretty regular with quite a few and was having a hard time remembering which blog matched which carnival on which day.

So, under My Favorites, I made 6 folders, one for each day of the week, minus Sunday. I visited each of the blogs that I join then added them to my favorite list under the day of the week folder that matches their carnival. I’m hoping I won’t have any long searching any more to find a particular blog. When I saved them, I saved it under their homepage, so that when I visit, I can go directly to their most current post.

Amy at MomAdvice has a great post on Balancing your Blogger Life.

I’m sure most of you veteran bloggers have your own system, but for now, this is working for me. What works for you?

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  1. Kirsty says:

    I love that tip! Thank you!!

  2. Rona says:

    What works for me is having 2 email addresses. One is for work and the other is for personal.
    I also utilize folders to deal with my email.
    Great post!

  3. Great idea! I’m a new blogger, so I’m trying to figure out what works for me. I love tips like this!!

  4. niki says:

    Oh that is a clever idea!


  5. I love that tip about managing the days of the week with the carnivals. I, too, join many carnivals and can see where implementing this would really help me!!! Thanks for sharing!

    I smiled about your comment on my blog about using the ice pack in the catcher gear — so clever! They do get so hot in all those pads and mask! I may just use that tip, too, someday if either of my boys ends up being a catcher!

  6. mub says:

    I love the idea of putting the blog carnivals into your favorites under the day of the week. Very clever!

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