Pure Balance Dog Food.Rocky
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Pure Balance Natural Dog Food

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Family matters a lot to me, and that includes our dog Rocky who has been with our family for a whopping 17 years! We like to treat our family right, so it was nice to hear about Walmart’s new line of Pure Balance dog food.

Pure Balance Dog Food

They gave us the chance to try out this new food, and I was impressed. The food prides itself on being all natural with no corn, soy, wheat or grains. This was especially nice for our dog because grain doesn’t sit well with him. It makes his old skin irritated. Now he can get all the flavor without being itchy.

But what’s even more important than what isn’t in the food is what is in it. With real salmon as the first ingredient, and vitamins and minerals added in, this will be a meal that no dog will want to miss. There are no fillers, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives or artificial colors, and it helps support food sensitivities, helps support healthy vision and helps support heart health, which is perfect for our older dog.

Pure Balance Dog Food.Rocky

Our dog always has an extra spring in his step whenever he smells the food. I would recommend Pure Balance dog food to any dog owner looking to keep their pet healthy and happy.

You can find Pure Balance exclusively at Walmart stores, cost may vary by store, average retail price 4lb. $7.27 11lb. $16.88 24lb.$32.83. Available in-store and online.

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  1. Georgie Benson says

    We have been feeding this food to our dog for quite a while now and she loves it. She has thinned out on it, which she needed to do : ) and has perked up. The price is right and the quality is great! She loves to eat the Grain Free Bison & Pea Recipe. We have also just started our cats on their cat grain free cat food and are very happy!

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