Halloween Pull Apart Cupcakes

PUMPKIN PULL-APART CUPCAKES -- Fun and EASY Halloween Cupcakes

Fun and easy Halloween Treat. Perfect for Parties, Classroom treats or even a special after dinner treat.



  1. Bake and cool cupcakes
  2. Place cupcakes on a large serving platter or board in the shape of a pumpkin, using 2 cupcakes for the stem and 3 mini cupcakes for the leaves
  3. Frost 22 orange cupcakes, dip edge in sanding sugar if desired, place back on board
  4. Frost 2 brown cupcakes for the stem
  5. Frost 3 mini cupcakes green for the leaves


  1. Cut 3 OREO cookies into thirds to make the eyes and nose
  2. Cut 4 OREO cookies in half for the mouth
  3. Add cookies to the pumpkin


The ideas for Pull Apart Cupcakes are endless. For Halloween you could make a bat, ghost or even dracula.

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