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Handmade Coupon Books

Showing your love for someone doesn’t have to cost a penny. These Handmade Coupon Books are a perfect way to show your kids, family, friends, even your sweetie how much you care. They are simple to make and I bet you already have the supplies right at home to make them! 

Handmade Coupon Books | Instructions on

For many, many years we did not have extra money for gifts, so I would make Coupon Books for the boys and Doug. Anything from a foot rub to a special dinner of their choice.

Handmade Coupon Books | Instructions on

Let me show you how fun and easy these little Coupon Books are to make…

Handmade Coupon Books | Instructions on

Handmade Coupon Book Supplies

  • Scrapbook Paper – any that you like, I used a solid for the cover and printed for the inside and decoration, be sure the inside paper is white on one side
  • Cookie Cutters for templates
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Markers – I used thin Sharpie
  • Hole Punch – 1/8 inch
  • Twine or thin ribbon
  • Adhesive – I used a tape runner and glue dots
  • Decorations – buttons, beads, whatever you like

Handmade Coupon Books | Instructions on

Handmade Coupon Books | Instructions on How to make a Coupon Book

  1. Fold paper in half and using a cookie cutter, lay 1 side of the cutter on the fold, trace
  2. Cut out the shape
  3. Repeat with inside paper, cutting slightly smaller – the number you use is totally up to you, I added 5, giving me 10 coupons
  4. Hold all the layers together and punch 2 holes for the twine
  5. Tie the paper together with twine
  6. Add a decorative heart
  7. Add button or beads
  8. Write your coupon

Handmade Coupon Books | Instructions on

Coupon Book Ideas

  • Good for a Movie Rental
  • Good for a Game Night Choice
  • Good for Treat of your Choice
  • Good for 30 minutes TV Time
  • Good for 30 minutes Game Time
  • Good for Extended Bed Time
  • Good for 1 Toy under $5
  • Good for a Tank of Gas
  • Good for a Manicure at Home
  • Good for a Haircut

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