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Gingerbread House Cupcakes

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Happy Cupcake Tuesday! I’m so excited you are here! Looking for a cupcake recipe? Be sure to check out the Cupcake Heaven page, there are over 250 cupcake recipes and decorating ideas! You can find lots of Christmas Cupcakes too!

Today we have a fun cupcake for you that the kids will love to help you decorate! The tiny Gingerbread Houses made from graham crackers sitting on top “snow” are perfect for the Holiday Season!

Gingerbread House Cupcakes | Instructions on

Any flavor cupcake will do, perhaps it would be fun to use the Gingerbread Cupcakes from last week. After the cupcakes are baked and cooled, now comes the fun part – let’s decorate them…

Gingerbread House Cupcakes | Instructions on

Gingerbread House Cupcake Supplies

  • Graham Crackers and a Serrated knife to cut them
  • Royal Icing – I used Wilton Meringue Powder
  • Candy to decorate
  • Decorator Bag fitted with Tip #5


  1. Make the Royal Icing  {3 tablespoons Meringue Powder, 4 cups Powdered Sugar and 6 tablespoons warm water – beat until stiff peaks form}
  2. Cut graham crackers into small squares – I cut the cracker on the seams and then in half
  3. Fit the decorate bag with Tip #5 or other round tip, fill with Royal Icing
  4. Assemble houses
  5. Pipe icing on the front edge and add candy
  6. Add a candy cane sprinkle for the chimney

Gingerbread House Cupcakes | Instructions on

To frost the cupcakes…

  • Place Buttercream Frosting or your favorite frosting in a decorator bag
  • Frost cupcakes using Tip #12, swirl it to look like snow
  • Add some white nonpareils
  • Place house in snow
  • Add green gummy tree

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