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Frugal Friday ~ Spring Decorating

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About a month or so ago I took down my snowmen and put up the Spring decorations. I wasn’t really too happy with the way the mantle turned out, but needed to look at it for awhile to see if I was going to like it. Well, I decided it needed to be changed, so yesterday, I decided to change the Living Room furniture around, Spring clean and change the decorations.

This is what I started with

mantle-before-re-doIt was okay, but I just wasn’t crazy about it, so I took everything off, and came up with this

spring-mantle-rejectIt was still just okay, I needed something taller on the right side to balance the forsythia (my husband cut these from the farm he works at) that I have on the left side. I added a tall container and was going to wait to find some pussy willows, but decided to head to the yard and find what I could. And this is what I came up with…

spring-mantleI was very excited with the way it turned out.

So for $-0- I re-decorated the mantle, and am now happy with it.



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