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Frugal Friday ~ Baking a Cake

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First, I need to tell you that I am absolutely all about homemade, and made from scratch, but I am also a frugal homemaker, and like getting the most bang for my buck.

Recently I found cake mixes at Walmart for .88 and I wondered what the cost difference is between baking with a cake mix or from scratch.

Here is the break down for baking with a cake mix…

Cake mix               .88

Oil                            .24

3 Eggs                    .21 (they were on sale this wk. at Kroger for .79)

Water                    Free

Total                      $1.33

Here is the break down for baking a typical yellow cake from scratch…

Milk                           .25

Butter                       .04

Eggs                          .28

Vanilla                    .02

White Sugar           .16

Flour                        .16

Baking Powder      .03

Total                        .94

Well, I am actually quite surprised by this. I really thought the cake mixes were pretty cheap.  I also need to tell you that my figures for the cake from scratch are by no means exact. I did my figuring on the baking supplies that I buy at Aldi’s and I tried to divide the best I could, but it does give you an estimated cost.

So, I guess baking from scratch is better in more ways than just taste. Now, the mix is much quicker, so if you are in a hurry, for .39 difference, it’s absolutely worth it.


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