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Easy DIY Jewelry + Gifts for Kids

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Jewelry making can be very involved. I love all the beautiful hand made jewelry, but it’s definitely an art to be able to make it. My sister-in-law makes gorgeous pieces of jewelry, but it’s an art I haven’t tackled yet. So this Easy DIY Jewelry is perfect!

The jewelry is low cost {but looks high end} and you can put together a necklace or bracelet in under 5 minutes. They also make a wonderful personalized gift, whether you give the jewelry already made or as a craft kit to be put together.

Walmart carries the Mix & Mingle Jewelry that I used to create the necklace and bracelet.

The beads {similar to Pandora Beads} come in a large variety of colors and sizes. There are chains to make necklaces and bracelets, as well as earrings. The little charms to add are really cute too.

I used a set of beads and chain for the bracelet. And 2 sets of beads for the necklace.

No long instructions this time…easy…peasy!  Open the package and thread the beads on…it’s that simple!

And for the younger kids…crafts are perfect! Seems like with technology now, kids just don’t spend time doing crafts and using their imagination like they used to. When my boys were young, we always had a project going, either a small craft, a Lego village or even simply coloring books and crayons.

It can also be difficult to find gifts that kids will enjoy for a reasonable price. Craft Project Ideas has lots to choose from and they are available at Walmart. The Memo Board and Bottle Cap Jewelry would make great gifts for the girls on your list!

It’s so great to see craft kits for boys too! Seriously…they never had these when my boys were younger and they would have loved them. They have construction kits as well. And I bet the Alien Skull Kit would be a hit, and at $5 it doesn’t break the bank either!

I remember making potholders using the Craft Loops when I was young, at around $5, they make a perfect gift! The smaller craft items would make great stocking stuffers.

What crafts do you and your children love to do?


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