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Decorating Fall Window Boxes

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My very favorite part of the front of our house, are the Window Boxes. For the Summer, we planted impatiens and sweet potato vine, but it was time to decorate them for Fall.

We did purchase some pumpkins and a mum plant, but used primarily items from the yard.

Window Box Decorating Supplies:

  • Wood {we used some we had cut for the fireplace}
  • PeeGee Hydrangeas {cut from the neighbors yard, with permission…of course}
  • Hydrangeas {green ones, from our yard}
  • Pumpkins and Gourds {from our favorite Pumpkin Patch}
  • Mum Plant {$4 from Walmart}
  • Pine Cones {from my stash, but originally from my sister in California}

Let’s decorate!

  1. Remember the wood I put on the Fall Mantel, well I loved the idea so much, I decided to put some in the Window Boxes too. This time though, we just used some pieces of wood that we had cut for the fireplace. Doug placed a stepping stone in the box to elevate the wood.
  2. A large pumpkin at one end
  3. And the Mum Plant at the other end.

When I decorate the Mantel, Window Boxes or pretty much any where in the home, I like balancing it out with large items in the center and ends. It’s best to add items in odd numbers if possible.

Now let’s add the items in around pumpkin.

  1. A small pie pumpkin and a couple gourds
  2. Then I started adding the hydrangeas
  3. Some large pine cones
  4. And more hydrangeas to fill it in

Then more of the same around the Mum Plant

  1. Add in the hydrangeas
  2. Some pine cones
  3. And fill it in

I worked for over an hour trying to get something to look right around the wood, but in the end, just ended keeping it plain and simple.

Now it’s time to get the Porch decorated and put up The Pumpkin King again! Stay tuned…

Update: Here are the Fall Window Boxes from 2012



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