Halloween Porch Decorating


Did you hear? Witchy Poo had a little problem? She crashed her broom and ended up in the cauldron! Now our Front Porch is a mess! Happy Friday my friends! I have a fun weekend project for you to add to the Crashing Witch! When I was working on the Potion Bottle post last week, […]

Pumpkin Icebox Pie: Secret Recipe Club


Here we are, another month has gone by since the last Secret Recipe Club. This is my fifth month already, amazing! Today my Secret Blogger is Allison from Sweet Flours, what a perfect match for me! There were so many great recipes to choose from, like these Strawberry and Cream Bars, or these S’Mores Bars, […]

Halloween Party: Potion Bottles


We finish up our Halloween Party on a Budget with these easy, but oh so ghoulish Potion Bottles. With just 3 easy supplies; jars, labels and Modge Podge and of course the “potions”, you can make these creepy bottles that are sure to be the talk of your party! I made this set last year […]

Halloween Sugar Cookies


What’s the next best thing to Halloween Cupcakes? Halloween Cookies…of course! My friends, I’ll have to admit…I can bake a pretty mean cupcake. Cut out decorated sugar cookies…umm that’s a different story! I honestly think I’m out of practice. You know how you always tell your kiddos, practice makes perfect, well…I think I need to […]

Halloween Party: Witch Shoe Party Favors


We continue our Halloween Party on a Budget today with these fun Witch Shoe Party Favors! They are also just as cute as they can be sitting on the table for decoration. When I first spotted these last year during the All-Halloween Bash when Red Couch Recipes shared them, I thought they would make a […]

Halloween Party:Candy Corn Cookie Sandwiches


Our Halloween Party Food continues today with these yummy Candy Corn Cookie Sandwiches!  While flipping through my new Taste of Home Baking Cookbook {psss…don’t miss the Baking Cookbook giveaway} I found some cute Boneyard Cookies, but I didn’t have a bone shaped cookie cutter. But I did have a new set of Wilton cookie cutters […]

How to Make Halloween Party Invitations


All this week we are sharing our tips for hosting a Halloween Party on a Budget. Several years ago I made a Boo Cone that you hang on a friend or neighbors door and they fill the cone and pass it along. I had planned on making those for the Halloween Party, and then it […]