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Temptations Tumblers for your Cat

Temptations Treats

Our cat Kali is still the queen of this house. She roams around it like it’s her castle. She loves being treated like royalty, and we love treating her well. Yes she is our queen, and we are her jesters. But how is a jester supposed to entertain his queen? By playing, of course! That’s […]

Favorite Recipes with McCormick FlavorPrint

Classic Meatloaf

Are you stuck in a boring dinner routine? Not really sure what to make that your family will like, so you just make the same recipes over and over? Yes? Well you are not alone! What if I told you that there were hundreds, if not thousands of recipes waiting for you that your family […]

Easy French Dip Sandwiches and a Contest

Easy French Dip Sandwich | Recipe on

These Easy French Dip Sandwiches are made with just 4 ingredients plus toppings, they go together in under 10 minutes. Add a salad or side dish and serve them for a quick and easy dinner.  You might also like… Havertys Furniture Get Inspired Contest Strawberry Stuffed French Toast National Parents’ Day Contest Kid’s Christmas Treat: […]

Eat Healthy Together Challenge


Gather up the family and let’s Eat Healthy Together!  You might also like… Peter Rabbit Organics: Healthy Snacks for Kids Holiday Photo Card Design Challenge Cuties Juice: Flavor packed healthy drink 5 Steps to a Healthy Morning Routine

First Aid Kit: On the go

First Aid

Summer is in full swing, and you know what that means – trips to the park, beach, hiking, picnics and for us, lots and lots of baseball games! Are you ready in the event you need a First Aid Kit? What if one of the kids or yourself fell? Would you be ready? Let’s take […]

TotalProtect Home Warranty

TotalProtect Home Warranty

Keeping our house well kept is important to us, as you have probably noticed. But sometimes cleaning and decorating isn’t enough. Sometimes things outside your control happen, such as breakage. Unfortunately repairs aren’t my forte (that’d be baking), but fortunately I’ve been told about TotalProtect. TotalProtect is a plan that helps you with services to repair […]

Home Cooked Meals for Busy Nights

Home Cooked Meals for Busy Nights | on

As you all know, I love cooking my own meals from scratch. As you may also know, my busy schedule doesn’t always allow me to do that all the time. So what’s a busy mom to do at times like these? Call Marie Callender, of course!  You might also like… Affordable Activewear for Busy Moms […]