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National Parents’ Day Contest

Latham Family

You know how the old saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Going further than that, those words form a story, one made up of all the emotions from when that picture was taken. Take family photos for example. When you look back at family photos you can remember the time spent taking […]

Smucker’s Summer Ice Cream Toppings Giveaway

Smucker's Ice Cream Toppings ::

Summer is in full swing; the kids are out playing, parents are grilling out, and the weather is hot. But what happens when it gets too hot? You need something cold and refreshing to beat the heat while you eat. Luckily Smucker’s has just come out with some new flavors for their toppings, and they […]

ID Pin to Win Sweeps: Ultimate Ice Cream Social

ID Cold Stone Creamery Creamers

There are few things I like more than a big bowl of ice cream on a hot day. And one of our favorite ice cream shops is Cold Stone Creamery. Except the closest one is about 45 minutes away, so what’s a girl to do? Grab a bottle of the new International Delight Cold Stone […]

Clorox Icktionary: Car-posting and Giveaway

Clorox-car posting

I have teenagers – that drive! I also have teenagers that don’t clean out their cars! So while it may sound painful to have teens driving, believe me – it is, it’s also painful to ride in their vehicles. Another part of being a teen are the late night runs through the drive thru to […]

ALDI Snack Cart at Savvy Blogging Summit

ALDI Snack Cart at Savvy Blogging Summit

It has been a snackin’ kind of Summer so far for us! Not only are we snacking at home, but last weekend while we were at the Savvy Blogging Summit, learning how to grow our business, we also had the honor of representing ALDI while we were there. If there is one thing that conference attendees like more […]

Summer Scavenger Hunt: Week 3

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Hey! Welcome to another fun week of the Summer Scavenger Hunt! We just got home from our trip to Savvy Blogging Summit, so I apologize, we were simply swamped while we were away and didn’t have time to keep up very well on the Hunt! But I do have some fun things for you to […]

Savvy Blogging Summit is coming

Aldi Logo.large

Later this week, I will be on the road again to Savvy Blogging Summit! I have attended many conferences over the last 4 years, but I will have to say, Savvy is top on my list. It’s packed with information to grow your blog and help you build a business. I’m also super excited to […]