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Easy DIY Jewelry + Gifts for Kids

Easy DIY Jewelry :: Instructions on

Jewelry making can be very involved. I love all the beautiful hand made jewelry, but it’s definitely an art to be able to make it. My sister-in-law makes gorgeous pieces of jewelry, but it’s an art I haven’t tackled yet. So this Easy DIY Jewelry is perfect! The jewelry is low cost {but looks high […]

Fresh Floral Arrangement for the Holidays

How to make a Fresh Floral Arrangement for the Holidays :: Instructions on

Growing up with a yard full of flowers was something most children were not lucky enough to have. But I count my blessings every day to have two wonderfully talented parents that passed down there creativity to me. You see for more than 40 years, my Mom was a florist, she began by using just […]

Easy DIY Holiday Wreath

Wreath Walmart.HH

Decorating our homes for the holidays can sometimes get overwhelming. And especially if you are like me and like to change the decorations a bit from year to year. I also don’t have a lot of time to spend creating new decorations each year. The new Holiday Wreath for my front door was easy to […]

DIY Rustic Wreath

DIY Rustic Wreath :: Instructions on

Sometimes, at least in our home, there is that spot on the wall that seems to need an added touch. And purchasing art work or a wreath can get expensive. Often times you can put together a wreath, with just a few supplies and a little inspiration. Using The Home Depot Fall Style Guide for […]

DIY Christmas Cinnamon Garland

DIY Cinnamon Garland: 100 Days of Homemade Holiday Inspiration on

Hello Hoosier Homemade friends, this Heather from WhipperBerry and I’m thrilled to be here guest posting today!  I adore Liz and soooo admire all of her talents! A few years ago my husband and I had the opportunity to take our girls {the little guy wasn’t around then} to Germany and France for the month […]

Thanksgiving Kiddie Table

Thanksgiving Kiddie Table. Instructions on

Thanksgiving is growing near…only 16 more days! Stay tuned tomorrow for a special announcement that will help you get ready for this wonderful holiday! Today though, I have a fun, easy and very frugal Kiddie Table for you. Our boys are all teenagers now, but when they were young we always had fun setting a special […]

Creepy Grim for Halloween

Grim for Halloween ::

Our son Andrew has been writing a little for us lately. He is an amazing writer, so I turned him loose on Grim for Halloween. He loves to write, loves Halloween and fantasy. Enjoy his story about Grim… Darkness falls upon a small suburban street as the street lamps fade out, one by one. Only […]