Decorating your Kitchen for Fall

Kitchen Fall

I’m so excited to be a new contributor on Blissfully Domestic. If you haven’t been there before, you are in for a treat. They have 6 different areas; Blissful Becoming, Blissful Connecting, Blissful Creating, Blissful Dishing, Blissful Learning and Blissful Living. Each area has several different categories, something for everyone! I shared my Fall Decorations […]

Fall Decorating with Hurricane Vases

Fall Decorating.1

Hurricane Vases come in all different sizes and shapes. The typical Hurricane is open on both ends, often used at weddings for a candle centerpiece. But…you know me, I often don’t use items for their intended purpose, especially in my decorating. The vase in the middle is a Hurricane, I simply put it on top […]

Fall Decorating for the Hoosier Cabinet

Fall Hoosier Cabinet.1

My Hoosier Cabinet is one of the treasurered gifts I received from my Father-in-law. Next to our Mantle, the Hoosier is my favorite piece to decorate. I love the chipped paint, the country blue on the inside and even the door that’s falling off. Fall, next to Christmas is my favorite season to decorate for. I love […]

Fall Garland ~ Nature’s Bounty

Fall Garland collage.6

Earlier this week, I shared our Fall Mantle with you. As promised, I wanted to show you how to create your own Fall Garland. Several months ago, I started noticing Garlands popping up all over Blogland. For St. Patrick’s Day, I made a fun Shamrock Garland and then for our Summer Mantle, I created a […]

Fall Mantle ~ How to Decorate

Fall Mantle.1

Crisp cool air.  Apples. Indian Corn. Sunflowers. Pumpkins. Leaves… Next to Christmas, Fall is my favorite time of the year to decorate the house. And yes, I’m one of those crazy ladies (just ask my husband) that totally re-decorates for each season and holiday. Our Living Room, mostly because of the Mantle, is my favorite […]

Decorating with Aqua Mason Jars

Mason Jars.1

One of my favorite decorating tips, is to use Aqua Mason Jars. I have been pretty lucky to have found most of the ones I use, because they can be a little pricey, sometimes $3 or $4 each. During the Summer, my Father-in-law sold his farm and the family was lucky enough to choose what […]

Decorating the Foyer with Antiques


This past weekend, Doug and two of the boys went to visit my Father-in-law, leaving me home, ALONE, (for most of the time) for 28 hrs! I highly considered, soaking my feet, doing my nails, eating bon bons and watching Food Network…but, alas, that didn’t happen. What did I do? Well, like any crazy blogger […]