Zucchini Chicken Stir-Fry

Pasta Stir Fry.2

I am a recipe cook, that is, I always use a recipe for anything I cook. I consider myself to be a creative person, but I don’t really like experimenting with my cooking. However, that changed last week. I had alot of zucchini that needed to be used and wanted to try putting it in […]

August Menu Plan

Pasta Salad.2

Sorry for my absence last week, but what an exciting week we had. We left on Friday evening (late because of football) to play in the Ohio Valley Regional Babe Ruth Tourney, after winning the Northern Indiana State Tourney.  We traveled 4 1/2 hours and got in very late. I will share more on the […]

July Menu Plan


WOW! What an awesome week Hoosier Homemade had last week. If you missed all the celebrating, you can find a re-play here. A Big Thank You to all who visited, commented and to all of the great bloggers that I linked up to. Because last week was filled with baking, cooking, decorating, and more baking, […]

Homemade Corn Dogs


On Wednesdays, MomAdvice shares lots of great finds on her Notebook Experiment. Clear back in March, she shared the link for Homemade Corn Dogs from Chaos in the Kitchen. I finally got around to making these and they were such a hit in our house, I wanted to share them with you. Here is the recipe that […]

Homemade Pizza and Slushies


Because I have had a really crazy week, working part time with my husband, running my youngest son back and forth to basketball camp everyday, running my middle son to football 3 mornings this week and my oldest everywhere he needed to go. Oh, and of course housework, cooking and blogging including a Giveaway. I never […]

June Menu Plan


Since the boys will be out of school this week, I’ve decided to change up my meal plan just a bit to include all 3 meals. I thought it might make things a little easier if I have breakfast and lunch ideas posted for the boys, then they can just choose what they want and […]

Chicken Phillies


Edit: I’m bringing back this post because today over at Life As Mom, the Ultimate Recipe Swap is all about Grillin’. Be sure to stop on by. For Mother’s Day, my husband and boys grilled out for me. They made these Chicken Phillies. I found the recipe at Forever Wherever, and let me tell you, they […]