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Can I make pancakes from scratch?

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I have been reading  Amy’s Notebook Experiments for several years now. I am very excited to be able to participate in an experiment today. Last week on  The Notebook, Amy highlighted these old-fashioned homemade pancakes from My Wooden Spoon. I have been wanted to make pancakes from scratch for a long time, I usually buy the pancake mix at Aldi’s.

First I mixed the dry ingredients


Then I mixed the milk and oil


Added the wet ingredients to the dry, then added the egg


After I mixed them, they were a little thin, so I just added a couple finger pinches of flour


 My Wooden Spoon cook suggests not having your griddle to hot, because they won’t cook evenly in the middle, so I turned the heat down to about 300 on my electric griddle. Of course, I added blueberrys to mine.


These pancakes were the best pancakes I have ever had! They are light and fluffy, and not heavy. They are definately a keeper.


Thank you to My Wooden Spoon and MomAdvice for sharing!

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    My hubby is generally the pancake “cooker” in our house, usually on weekends. One day he realized we were out of pancake and baking mix, so I told him we would just make some from scratch. He was amazed and impressed that I could do such a thing! (I confess that I had to looked up a recipe the first time to get the general proportions right, but now I can whip them up in a flash!)

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