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I don’t know about you, but breakfast is the most hectic meal that I prepare. Even on the weekends. I think maybe because we all want to eat quickly and breakfast food is a little harder to cook so that it comes out all at the same time. Recently I decided to help myself out a little by preparing ahead.

Having pancakes or waffles are usually a must with my boys, and I like making them from scratch, but getting all the ingredients out to mix them takes time. So, I had my son make up several bags of the dry ingredients, with a little note with the wet ingredients, which will save time looking up the recipe also.

Pancake Mix

The pancakes are light and fluffy, the same mix can be used for waffles.

I also made some extra waffles and froze them. They make a great quick breakfast during the week. Just pop them in the toaster.

Freezing Waffles

Be sure to let the waffles cool down before putting them in the bags though.

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  1. says

    A fabulous solution instead of buying Eggos!! The other night my husband I were eating homemade pizza and he looked at me and said – “Honey, everything we’re eating tonight is either homegrown or homemade – there’s no preservatives or anything!! This tastes so fresh” I couldn’t believe he was so excited and that he could tell the difference.

    But it does make all the difference! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. LisaE says

    I always make a batch of dry pancake mix in a ziplock before going camping and tape a list of the wet ingredients needed….makes it much easier to get up and mix it without having to start from scratch. During the school year, I often make a bunch of pancakes to freeze, then the girls just warm 1 or 2 up in the morning-a nice, warm breakfast without all the fuss:)

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