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Backpacks for Charity: YOU can help!

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I’m working on a little project and I wanted to fill you in. As part of the Walmart Moms program, I was asked recently to fill a backpack and think about donating it to charity.

Yesterday, while driving to visit some blogging friends, Doug and I were brainstorming on how we could help more than just one or two children. And we thought, the only way is to get more of our readers, other bloggers, and their readers, and friends on board.

Here are the details…

  • Buy a backpack and fill it with school supplies {clothes, paper goods or both}
  • Find a local school or charity that you would like to donate to
  • Write a blog post sharing about your donation {if you would like}
  • Write a blog post getting your readers and other bloggers involved
  • Come back to Hoosier Homemade and add your post to the linky on Friday, August 12th.
  • Tell your Facebook fans too and invite them to share a picture of the backpack they donated

I’m super excited about this my friends!! Just imagine how big this could be! Even if only you and a couple of your readers filled a backpack, we could help a lot of children in need.

Grab a button…and tell everyone!!


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